What kind of power supply is necessary to run a Vesta Printer?

The printer requires access to just one standard home/office electrical outlet. Another outlet from a different circuit should be used if a cement mixer or cement pump is to be used with the printer.

What is the strength of cement once it is cured? Have you tested the strength of the structures after fully cured?

The cement mix used by the 3D printer holds approximately 1250 psi, though it is important to note that this mix is generally not "structural". The outer perimeters of all forms are 3D printed and the inner mold is filled with higher strength, reinforced concrete. We currently use a 12,000 psi concrete for the inner components.

What is the setting time of the cement mix?

There is no need to wait for a layer to "set" before beginning on the next layer. 

How long can the cement be in the dispensing hopper for? 

Approximately 15 minutes. This is usually a non-issue as long as flow is relatively continuous.

What is the relative cost of such cement formulation compared to ordinary cement?

Cost of our dry mix is $.08/lb. Instructions on procuring this mix is available upon purchase of printer kit.

Can you describe basic mixing procedure?

The use of a cement mixer is ideal though it is important to note that some cement mixers do not create an even mix; if you will use a cement mixer, please have experience using such mixers. The recommended and also simpler alternative of using a bucket + mixing drill work well though mixing such small amounts does slow down the printing process. Proportions are measured by weight with a scale prior to mixing (scale NOT included with purchase of printer kit). 

What is the print speed?

Max print speed (in the horizontal plane) to attain reliable print quality is close to .25 ft/s. However, in laboratory settings, .1 ft/s is the default and recommended speed.

What does the Vesta Printer cement mix consist of?

This information is provided when a printer is purchased.

What is the allowable layer height?

Each layer is approximately .75 of an inch in thickness. Also, different nozzle ends can be attached to the extruder to vary flow-rate characteristics. 

What software do I need to download?

Please visit vestaprinter.com/downloads to find all the software that needs to be downloaded.

Is financing available?

No, not at this time. We only begin work on printers once a 50% down payment is placed. Remaining 50% paid upon shipment.