vesta printer v4

  • was behind the first 3D printed housing structure in the USA,

  • is 100% water-resistant and can be left outdoors through all-weather conditions,

  • ships 90% assembled and comes with easy assembly instructions (about 1 hour set up time),

  • comes with open-source software and customer service during regular business hours,

  • can be set on 8 feet by 8 feet of floor-space and is 8 feet high (larger format printers also available upon request),

  • includes: gantry system and rails, concrete extrusion pump, motion controller computer, concrete mix instructions. 


  • our engineers can print concrete structures:

    • on-site (for large structures)

    • in our warehouse space prior to shipping the item.

  • Note: for particularly involved RFQs we may ask for a small fee to compensate for our time